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Just discovered that when I use #Markdown in my #yellow blog for images, it doesn’t feed through to the, my older blog has been using good ol’ html and getting along fine.

Trial of #Sunlit / #Swarm / hosted alongside #Textastic / #iOSMaps / #Yellow - I think Sunlit is great, but a slideshow plugin would be a good idea and it would be great to have native geotagging.

Giving the HomePod a good workout, sounds terrific, and Siri is providing huge amusement for my dog.

I’m a big fan of electric cars, but this experience…

My effort at a #SuperBlueBloodMoon shot. A bit late I know, but pesky clouds…

Sorry Asaph Hall, you’ve been usurped…

Before anyone asks, my new icon is the “Hall” lunar crater, named in honour of American astronomer Asaph Hall (no relation!). Wanted a really good spot 😎

Thanks @chrislopez for the Micron test invite. Installed and looking good 👍

Really good Evergreen News: Evergreen 1.0d32: Send to

Thought I’d try to revive my old 13” White Macbook with Linux - tried a few - reinstalled OSX with Opera as the browser. Far better :) Then the hard disc died… Oh well, I tried.