A fine week was had and that was not only the weather, it was so good to get back to the west coast again - a view of the head of Loch Beag and the accommodation

and west to Loch Hourn over Loch Beag

Dining off the fruit of the land sea (OK, so I wasn't having much luck with the fly - well my excuse is there were no woman present to tie them on - and I'm sticking to it). With convivial company (many thanks for your hospitality as always Martin) if only there wasn't that confounded Seagull chirping-in at dinner parties... always wonder what the other guests went away thinking?

Martin pointed me towards a convenient Munro (Gleouraich) on the way out, a stretch of the legs before driving back to Yorkshire. Rufus (my Vizsla) doing a good job of finding the Red Deer and Ptarmigan for me on the way up.

First pencil and oil studies of a male Ptarmigan, a brace of which Rufus pointed at about 800m up Gleouraich, will work it up to a finished paining, erm when I get around to it!

Back home, evidently the summer is still here as the Swallows still are, in fact a few had enough energy to mob a Sparrow Hawk this afternoon.

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