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micro.blog External Map

Beware: This takes coordinates entered into the Title field of your micro.blog and passes them to a marker on an Apple or Google map. So it messes-up using that Title for anything else!

Github link

I recommend Gluon for posting to micro.blog, because it exposes the Title field even when the posts are short, so you can easily past in the coords.


micro.blog Swarm

Manton has forked my Swarm micro.blog Swarm on Github.

Links Foursquare logins via OwnYourSwarm to a micro.blog article and map.


Micro.blog Map

micro.blog Micro.blog "is the blog you will actually use." I have adapted my method of linking articles to and from a map here within a subscription Micro.blog's pages that again uses Leaflet and tiles from Open Street Map/Mapbox. See on GithubRead more…


Mapped excerpts

Turning on the excerpt option in the Blogofile config.py file and adding @${post.excerpt}@ to the info windows code of my maps, Read more…