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On route to the Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings, we took in a loop of the surrounding country, finding Giraffe in what I thought were the most unlikely rocky surroundings and the elusive Klipspringer.

These small antelope (58cm at the shoulder) were hard to spot unless they moved, when they bounding around the kopjes (the rocky outcrops at the steep valley sides) at an astonishing pace, completely sure-footedly. Klipspringers never need to drink, being herbivores, the succulents they eat provide all the water they require.



Signs of Winter

The wind may be blowing as hard as it has for the last 3 months or so, in fact a little harder at the moment, but last night we actually got a little slush.

The usual rain turned to a stinging hail then sleet last night and this morning there were patches of white on them there hills. Around the valleys the usual standing water has returned as quickly as it went a couple of days ago. At times like this, holed-up in my studio, I dig out my sketch book and photos of warmer places, so with the words of the local Art Connections organisation ringing in my ears (a project initiated and managed by Chrysalis Arts, to develop and support creative businesses in the visual arts, crafts and public art sectors across North Yorkshire, supported by the Department of Trade & Industry's Small Business Service Development Fund for Rural Renewal) about my work not being "contemporary enough" for a listing on their website, I thought I would try a slightly different painting from my usual.

(A blue slate from my neighbour's roof has just flown past the window!)

I've uploaded a couple of photos from Namibia around the Bergsig area, as we drove towards the Palmwag Lodge, of the unusual red pebble landscape. I have bought one of those canvasses designed for frameless display and have a plan…

Giraffe and a river valley.