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Found some old Windor and Newton water mixable oil paints and giving them a whirl.






New beginnings

new beginnings

Experimenting with a new (to me) way of painting... still acrylic, but with a lot more of it. In places.




I call this my Howard Hodgkin - iPad pro using Procreate.


Mrs Aldersons Barn

alderson barn

Memories of a snowy winter in Headlam, Teesdale.

Darwn on an iPad pro using Procreate.


All the Worlds a Stage

All the Worlds a Stage

The entrance to Hell Cauldron, River Greta.


Scotchmans Stone

Scotchmans Stone


Rock 1 Pied Wagtail

rock 1 pied wagtail


Rock 2 Dipper

rock 2 dipper


Rock 3 Swallow

rock swallow 3




248 x 200 mm

I was brought up calling Vanellus vanellus a Lapwing, from their flight, rather than Peewit from their call. They were very common around my uncle's farm, but less so now.

Painted on my last piece of Hahnemühle board, shame they stopped making it.


Water Colour

water colour

Actually acrylic ;)


Meeting of the Waters

Meeting of the Waters




16 x 16 cm





Woodcock passing

woodcock passing

760 x 400 mm


Turn One

turn one

485 x 385 mm




225 x 140 mm

More often heard than seen, a ChiffChaff on the trunk of one of the grand old Beech trees in the woodland by the house.


Initial painting before I actually decided where to put the bird. This is a bit of a departure for me and the first time I've tried Winsor & Newton Acrylic paper.


Winterburn Beck - Teal

winterburn teal

508 x 406 mm

Winterburn Beck flows through some of my relatives land and has been one of my more frequent stomping grounds over the years. I learn to swim in it, race rafts, tickle trout and generally get thoroughly soaked throughout my childhood.

Not sure if it’s my imagination or not, but my favourite little duck, the Teal Anas crecca, appear to be doing increasingly well hereabouts. Some initial sketches and the painting half-way-through.

Detail of the pair of Teal, which is approximately actual size (on my iMac and iPad anyway!).


Old Pigsty

![old pigsty](../painting/35.jpg()

228 x 198 mm

Old Pigsty next to my house, there's lots of Grey Squirrels around (tormenting Luna) and gaining access to my roofspace.

old pigsty

Thought I'd show the stages of the painting from initial wash

old pigsty

through mid-layer painting

old pigsty

to pretty much the final layer with squirrel and sunbeams, before the final tweaks.


Coal Tit

coal tit




228 x 198 mm

Low morning sun across my kitchen roof, a Chaffinch surprised, leaves.