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Lunar eclipse

Managed to get some snaps with my rather inadequate digital camera:

Unfortunately, the camera couldn’t find the moon when in full eclipse (electronic viewfinder) or perhaps it was because the neighbours turned on their garden floodlight and rather spoiled things for me - although it did look cracking through the binoculars.

Not just because of the light last night, but because I’ve always been a fan of noctural ramblings and the night sky, I wholeheartedly support the CPRE’s Light Pollution Campaign. I do know of some villages that to this day do not have street lights and the difference is amazing, this mainly being the product of a rather feudal system, but it certainly has had a benefit here. I know a lot of lighting is to do with safety, but much so called security lighting is I believe, worthless.

Take the offices I know in the heart of the countryside that is automatically illuminated at night, activated by light sensors, which seems only to annoy the neighbours. The site is very private, so it would seem that the lighting would only serve to aid any burglar, rather than having motion sensors etc. that would at least alert anyone to intrusion. When the lights are on all the time, all people do is try to ignore them and draw their blinds against them, thereby missing anything untoward that may be going on.

Anyway, it would all seem a huge waste of energy and gives rise to yet another petition – not that I think he present incumbents will take a jot of notice.