Now that's my kinda update πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦


Every year we have a little bet amongst friends on the 6 Nations rugby, well last year I won πŸ˜„

rugby 2021

I'm not doing so well this year, as these predictions testify to. (Predictions in brackets.)

Ireland (22)29 v Wales (18)7
Scotland (16)20 v England (24)17
France (48)37 v Italy (12)10

Wales (14)20 v Scotland (22)17
France (24)30 v Ireland (22)24
Italy (12)0 v England (34)33

Scotland (18)17 v France (28)36
England (24)23 v Wales (18)19
Ireland (38)57 v Italy (8)6

I haven't guessed the next round yet - more consideration needed!

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Don't I just love the RICS...


This was from last year (but a test).

Last Year


A photographic accident seems to sum-up the last year.