Starting today, auctions of small paintings done within a day - Daily Paintings - something I have wanted to do for a while now, but looking forward to the discipline of it.

I’ve termed them my “Glimpses” not only of wildlife and moments in time, but also glimpses into future larger paintings.


Good - certs seem to have been updated - feed and “www” back on micro.blog

Rather proud of my new panel 😎

Oops, getting an error on my “www” url - posts, photo loading and feed

www.spotthehall.net/2019/05/1… www.spotthehall.net/uploads/2… www.spotthehall.net/feed.xml

Error: unknown error OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError


Nice find in the orchard earlier last year (just found the photo that reminded me) a wild honey bee hive.

Found it! A day late, but my effort to celebrate the Moon Landing - from (about) 1974 - a school visit to Jodrell Bank.

👍 just bagged myself www.davidhall.uk

A variation on my Micro.blog Map using Google Maps, see davidhall.co/noodles/m…

Well, there you go Brydge, as thought Apple did it with accessibility support for Magic Trackpad. Who’s going to be the first to launch a keyboard with trackpad for iPadOS 🤔


Test from iPad mini.

Map: 54.4967,-1.6890

Mapping Micro.blog

I’ve put a work-through re my mapping efforts here davidhall.co/noodles/m…

I hope it makes sense (and I haven’t made any errors - all done on an iPad Mini 😎). @manton

Brilliant! Thanks to the Hugo Community I’ve solved the issues of linking to and from my map and back.

I’ll post a full description soon @manton

Thanks to the great guys over at Hugo, I’ve solved the issue of my map markers appearing :)

However, I am getting an interjection of “%2c” for the “,” character in my html link to a specific position on the map. Is there a way of altering this coding? @manton @help

It has been an interesting execise attempting to pass front matter variables!

  • Using the straightforward {{ .Title }} renders the coords OK in the Page, but they acquire quotes in the script.
  • Usung .Scratch renders the ref {{ .Title }} (not the coords).
  • Using .Params.title renders text in the Page OK (and as content in ICBM), but as soon as you wrap it in a link, the “,” is transformed to “%2c”. Additionally the script marker coords acquire quotes again.

I’ve tried RegExp in all which ways to remove the quotes, but I’m either missing something, or the damage has been done before the coords get to the script. Anyway, interesting…

Well, some progress - multiple posts coming into the Map.

However, when bringing in the Front Matter variable (in this case the Title) I get “quoted” coords instead of the bare coords (which doesn’t work). A general call-out to anybody who knows Hugo and bringing Front Matter into a script better than ?! Thanks.

Here is the code:

{{ $list := (where .Site.Pages “Type” “post”) }} {{ range $list }} {{ if.Title }} var marker = new L.Marker([ {{ .Title }} ],


var marker = new L.Marker([ “51.1441,0.37165” ],

This is how it should look:

var marker = new L.Marker([ 51.1441,0.37165 ],


Test Iris pix 🌷

Map: 51.1526,0.3696

OK, the flurry of posts means my updated Yellow site and consolodated feed is working! On another note, GeoPosting from Editorial is the way ahead - until micro.blog gives additional access to the Front Matter that is 😜

Just a test Workflow in Editorial


Micro.Blog.Map up - nothing on it yet… spotthehall.net/map/

Result! Following from previous post, iCab has found the GeoData and it successfully links out to GoogleMaps - now to try and pick that data up in the custom Map page. @manton @vincent


This is a test to see if iCab picks up the ICBM data from the header of the custom theme I’m using in micro.blog. The title field does seem to remain even if I delete text back below the “threshold”. It is really a cheat, but thought I’d give it a go before I try to feed it through to a custom micro.blog Map page.

Map: 51.1441,0.3716


Over the threshold. Permit renewed ✈️

Map: 52.26117,-0.48027

Why, when I add a location on AppleMaps to a contact, does it move the location to somewhere completely different 😳

I can remember starting my first real “professional” job, when a salary was a perk and you were really expected to work for the privilege of it. Strange times

Learning to ride a bike (with assistance).

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