Over the threshold. Permit renewed ✈️

Why, when I add a location on AppleMaps to a contact, does it move the location to somewhere completely different 😳

I can remember starting my first real “professional” job, when a salary was a perk and you were really expected to work for the privilege of it. Strange times

Learning to ride a bike (with assistance).

Waiting for iTrackpadot

I spent the last couple of weeks trying to use my iPad almost exclusively, paired to an old Apple bluetooth keyboard. I was doing this really in anticipation of buying a Brydge keyboard, to see if I thought I could live with the setup. However, even after a brief spell, I concur with Steve Jobs when he said “after a short period of time you start to fatigue, and after an extended period of time, your arm wants to fall off.” I was reminded of friends using touch screen laptops, who seem to adopt the screen grab and thumbing. Coincidentally, I’ve also been trying out GoCoEdit (I usually use Textastic) and am really impressed with the trackball implementation, but it doesn’t do away with the requirement to raise your arm to manipulate a cursor in a more vertical plane. If only it could be mapped to a trackpad. I’m guessing that’s why Apple designed the Smart Keyboard Folio the way it is - you can put up with typing on the side of a tent (apologies to whoever who first said that) - for short bursts. I actually found myself returning to the on screen keypad with it’s easy access to the spacebar press for cursor navigation and everything in the same more horizontal plane, despite the reduction in screen estate. So, for the time-being I won’t be shelling out for a new keyboard, I’ll be waiting for the software to catch-up with the hardware and perhaps a Brydge with trackpad will appear.

 I find it really infuriating that Search All Bookmarks doesn’t work in iOS, whereas it does (as it should) in MacOS.

Learning to Hang Glide 1980 in Dovedale, Derbyshire. ✈

Wouldn’t it be cool if gocoedit.app Trackball could somehow be mapped to a trackpad on a Brydge keyboard. Just pondering.

My ICBM data had completely slipped the net. Back now 😎

…well, when I say they’ve gone, I had to go and put a Title on the last post, didn’t I!?

The curious tale of domain links

After tinkering with my design (as you do), the new version showed just fine without www in the address, whereas the previous incarnation was showing with www. I noticed because my timeline was showing links to my custom domain name below the post and leading to the previous design. Resolved by putting the www back into the Domain name mapping box (I’d temporarily taken it out) and lo-and-behold the timeline domain links have gone.

Also, nice to so my photos are back ;)

Just dawned on me that instead of sitting at the desk using MAMP on an iMac, I can lounge around with an iPad and Textastic previewing localhost in split screen for D3 etc, so simple.

An interesting observation on quitting Facebook/Instagram. Mostly supportive and respectived, but some agressive. I leave the reader to ponder that.

The recent terrible news surrounding Instagram/Facebook has finally made my mind up to delete those accounts. At least that felt good.


Micro landscape

Wouldn’t it be nice if a Brydge iOS keyboard had a trackpad that supported the “keyboard-as-trackpad functionality”… must be a way?!

Yep - I just backed HyperDrive: World’s 1st USB-C Hub for iPad Pro 2018 on @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hypershop/hyperdrive-worlds-1st-usb-c-hub-for-ipad-pro-2018?ref_tag=thanks_tweet

Blog now updated to using .md file endings instead of .txt and a quick test from Editorial to m.b with location.


If you can’t buy yourself at least one decent 🎄 present… ✈


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